4 easy ways to build a kick-ass home yoga practice

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Ladies, we are in the midst of being-almost-always-at-home times. Managing our lives, sometimes even other people’s lives, while also having to worry about the state of the world is surely not easy. Is that affecting your yoga practice? Perhaps. Should that affect your yoga practice? Hell no. 

If it’s been a hot minute since you were last found on your mat, here are some easy ways to build a kick-ass home yoga practice. You go, girl. 

Warm up in bed

You’ve hit snooze twice, there’s still something left in your head from last night, and hundreds of things to do are screaming for your attention. Pause. Take a breath. If it is a deep one, so much the better.

Beginning well, as we know, is half done. How you wake up can boost your energy and motivation levels for the day. Just a few minutes of bed yoga can help in gently warming up the body and prepping you for the wonders that lie ahead.

Start with a big, cat stretch. Smile. It’s not always easy, but try and feel thankful for waking up alive and safe. Bless your body, heart, and mind. And set an overarching intention for the day, something like opening your heart towards difficult people, being more patient at work, or reminding yourself how beautiful you are.

Some great yoga poses to practice in bed are windshield wipers, where you lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet on the bed, and drop your knees from side to side.

You can pull your bent knees towards yourself and hug your knees into your chest. Then roll from side to side, enjoying the cuddles and feeling help by your bed.

Next, you can stretch your arms overhead and give a nice stretch to your arms, side body, and shoulders. Stretch your whole body once again and get out of bed.

You are now officially ready to conquer the world.


Mini Asana breaks

If a ninety minute yoga sequence is what you used to practice in your past life, break that down into mini asana sequences and sprinkle them throughout your day.

Next time you have a few minutes before your next zoom call, or while you are waiting for lunch to cook, or when you want to take a break from the insanity of the world, you now know what to do.

By increasing the pace and intensity of your mini asana practice, you can achieve the same benefits as would come from a longer practice. Regular mini asana sequences can help boost energy levels, increase circulation, and strengthen muscles, among the other amazing benefits of yoga practice.

Sun salutations are your best bet. Set a number of repetitions for your day and do them when you can. Another option is practicing plank variations and yogic push-ups.

yoga home

Make your sanctuary

Having a dedicated space where you can roll out your mat whenever you feel like, helps overcome decision fatigue.

Make it sacred. Keep it clean and pretty. You can even build some rituals around your space. Light some incense. Basically, anything that helps you to get in the groove. 

If the space is quiet, even better. It will serve both as a reminder and a magnet for you to gravitate towards your mat.

Phone a friend

Having a weekly yoga date with your friends can keep spirits high. If meeting in person feels like a struggle, well, there was never a better time in the world to do everything you have ever wanted to do online.

Practicing together can be fun and exciting. You can share new ideas, flaunt a new pose, or giggle your way into downward dog.

Having a four pm yoga friend is the best thing to have when you need some encouragement, gentle nudging, or support in your practice. It is also a great way to nurture your practice while nurturing your connections. As much as it opens your body, it also opens your heart.

yoga home

In closing

Having a strong home practice helps in many, many ways. It keeps you connected to your mat even during times when, for whatever reason, a yoga studio is inaccessible.

So show up on your mat whenever you can, and show off. Like a boss.

Namaste babes!


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